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Access to all major international exchanges and hard-to-reach frontier markets!

  • Electronic market access to Stocks, Stock Options, ETFs, Futures, Contract Options, FX, FX Options, CFDs, Bonds, Cryptocurrency Trackers
  • All from a single G&T TRADER account
  • Vast access to regional, local currency and hard-to-reach regional markets

Onshore economy with offshore similar benefits!

  • One of the least tax burden economy in the world, ranked at 6th place according to Global Competitiveness Report
  • No capital gain tax on the Internationally traded securities in Georgia
  • No taxes on any kind of foreign sourced income for non-residents
  • No inheritance tax

High account safety!

  • Assets in tier 1 custodian banks
  • Licensed broker-dealer by National Bank of Georgia
  • Accounts segregation requirement by the law
  • 100% owned by the Bank of Georgia
  • NO country/regional risk

Superior service!

  • Dedicated account management and service team
  • Fast and easy way to open account
  • Fast and easy way to transfer in/out assets and funds
  • No inactivity fee and no transfers out/exit fee
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